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Calyber NY Benefit 2014


In April 2014, Calyber hosted it's 1st benefit to raise funds for Summer School.

Calyber Girls for Change


The objective for Calyber Girls for Change is to empower young women with information and opportunities to make well-informed choices in their lives.


Goals include :


  • to INSPIRE and promote self-love, self-esteem, and motivation.


  • to DEVELOP life skills, healthy coping and decision-making skills.


  • to COUNTERACT the influence of drugs and negative peer pressure.


  • to FURTHER their education.


  • to EDUCATE about 

  1. HIV/AIDS prevention

  2. Teenage pregnancy  

  3. and other relevant topics


Annual Summer School

Annual Summer School held for 4 weeks between July and August provides academic support to participants. Attention is paid to those children who will be taking GSAT in their 6th grade year. Students attend Monday to Friday, 9am-3pm. Other components of the Summer Progam include:

  • Teaching kids the benefits of proper nutrition

  • Coaching of positive behavioral skills

  • Mentoring

Annual Holiday Gift Drive

Please help us with our effort to provide our children with gifts for the Holidays. View the photographs of children you wish to sponsor. You have the option of purchasing a gift for the child of your choice and mailing it or submiting a general monetary donation.

Fun Day

A celebration for the children to engage in cultural activities, enjoy locally grown and harvested foods, and compete in peer bonding excersises.

Building Fund


Since 2010, CCEP has been operating a summer program with an expansion plan to construct a center by 2015, so that year around services can be provided for the children of Eastern Portland.

Since the program's inception in 2010, we have turned away over 200 children because of space limitations. Currently, our classes are held outdoors, under tarpaulins, used to protect the children from the elements.  However, all too often, classes are interrupted or abbreviated because of inclement weather.  A center would not only eliminate these problems, but would provide the space needed to implement all components of our exciting program.

Please help us with our fund raising efforts by submittng your donations today.

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